1940s France

Elise honors the 1940s and France in cozy listening rooms and theaters throughout the country.  She pays tribute especially to Edith Piaf in celebration of the 100th anniversary of her birth, and to Piaf’s predecessors and contemporaries including Kurt Weill, Marlene Dietrich, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker and Lucienne Boyer.

Booking Information:

Elise is available to perform either with only a pianist or a combo (piano, bass, percussion or violin). Fees include travel, musicians and any time required to prepare specific song requests.

Contact Elise for details.

Testimonials and Press:

“But I must say that, from among all this bright talent, Elise LaBarge ran away with my ears—and my heart.   (And were I a bull I’m sure she’d have got my tail too, so complete was her triumph over me.)  Her splendid pure soprano is bell-clear, her diction makes every syllable as precise as a well-cut diamond.  Her voice is trained in opera, yet it is  nonetheless perfectly at home in this Broadway genre.  Moreover she has a dancer’s crisp movement and she projects that irresistible personality to the back row.” (KDHX)

She leads us through Weill’s years in Berlin, then to Paris, and eventually to New York, giving us delicious samples of his work with various collaborators along the way.   She sings in English as well as in utterly confident German and French;  her accents and diction are simply beyond perfect…Hers is a finely trained voice.  She’s done a great deal of opera, but she has none of that fish-out-of-water feeling that opera singers sometimes exhibit when attempting popular songs.”

“Soprano Elise LaBarge stole the show in the cabaret…There she was in her element, moving like a dream and showing how well she can sell a song such as ‘I Feel Pretty.’” (Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

“Soprano Elise LaBarge, showing more of a feel for the world of cabaret than singers twice her age, offered her first program… Young and attractive, with a smile that went from perky to sexy and back again without apparent effort, LaBarge sang, and chatted, and sang some more, charming a sellout crowd in the Kranzberg Arts Center.” (Joe Pollack, STL Arts critic)

Soprano | Teaching Artist