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Weddings, Expense, and Love

I spent my Monday at the Art Institute, listening to and chatting with folks in the wedding industry. Wedding Wire hosts its educational event in multiple cities throughout the country, and I was fortunate to attend the Chicago stopover. We heard several wonderful speakers who shared their wisdom about marketing, blogging and technology, which will be of use and assistance to small and large businesses alike. We all ate breakfast and lunch together and swapped business cards and told our stories. It was lovely.

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It’s a start

I’m slowly branching out into the world of internet communication. This website is still in the works, but I thought I’d finally get moving on it. Funny how getting moving can be so difficult sometimes, particularly when it’s in an unfamiliar direction. I plan on using these pages as an opportunity to keep friends, family and complete strangers updated on my whereabouts, upcoming performances and other artistic pursuits.